HEBE INT’L 赫铂国际总裁赵超先生参加佘诗曼女士香铂顿品牌发布会


Mr. Zhao Chao, the founder of HEBE International, was invited by the well-known Hong Kong artist Miss Charmaine Sheh to attend the “SHEPPARTONE” brand launch conference。



由香港演员佘诗曼自创的彩妆品牌发布会在上海举行。本次发布会以“AIR KISS”为主题,


The launch of the makeup brand created by Hong Kong actor Charmaine Sheh was held in Shanghai. With the theme of “AIR KISS”,

this conference aims to create delicate and beautiful lips for women.




On the day of the event, Charmaine Sheh attended the event as the founder of the brand,

and her long-time friend Hong Kong Miss Zhou Jiawei also came to the site as a good friend brand platform.

This event attracted over a hundred powerful channel dealers and popular beauty sellers to visit the scene.


The team of Miss Charmaine Sheh signed a thank you card for the special guest Mr. Chao Chao, founder of HEBE.


Mr. Zhao Chao, the founder of HEBE International, and Miss Charmaine Sheh, a well-known artist in Hong Kong



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