HEBE INT’L 赫铂国际CEO赵超一行赴台湾工研院参观探访

HEBE INT’L 赫铂国际CEO赵超一行赴台湾工研院参观探访

Zhao Chao, founder of HEBE International, and his party were invited to visit Taiwan Industrial Research Institute





Academician Dai of the Institute of Biotechnology of the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute personally received

HEBE International CEO Zhao Chao and his team introduced that the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute was established in 1973

and is located in Zhudong Town, Hsinchu County, Taiwan.

It is an international application technology research and development institution with more than 6000 A pioneer in science and technology research,

with the task of scientific research and development, driving industrial development, creating economic value,

and enhancing social well-being. Innovating and nurturing more than 300 companies,

it is one of the most important research centers in Taiwan.


Academician Dai of the Institute of Biotechnology, Taiwan Institute of Industrial Technology

and Mr. Zhao Chao, the founder of HEBE International


HEBE International will work with the Institute of Biological Sciences,

Taiwan Institute of Technology to introduce Taiwan’s top biological stem cell technology

and cutting-edge beauty equipment to provide HEBE International with top technical support.



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